June 28, 2022


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Sean Connery loving Mom’s Chinese food helped save her mental health

In quite a few Chinese American households and specifically mine, like isn’t proven through bodily gestures like hugging, touching or stating I really like you. It’s shown via a specific dish made just for you by your mom, like a whole steamed fish in black bean sauce when you got all A’s (I bought pork chow mein when I came house with all B’s). 

I simply cannot blame my mother for her stoicism thinking about the cards she experienced been dealt. But Leeann Chin at some point acquired how to perform all those playing cards and acquire again her daily life, from seamstress to a pioneer restaurateur in Minnesota’s Twin Metropolitan areas.

Rising up in Guangzhou, China, she was a rebellious female and the communists noticed her fiery nature. They recruited her to lead a Mao student team at school. Her mother and father made the decision to put a stop to it. They delivered her off to Hong Kong to marry my father and escape the Cultural Revolution. 

My mom achieved my father the day they were married. She was 18. 

Monster-in-law, abusive alcoholic husband

My father had melancholy and turned to alcoholic beverages. His mom was a widow and also an alcoholic. They would get drunk just about every evening and desire my mom cook their beloved foods. With just about every dish came consistent criticism: “This dish far too salty! Bring us more Johnny Walker!”

Leeann Chin, left, mother-in-law Sook Yee Chin, daughter Linda and husband Tony Chin in 1952 in Hong Kong.

Her existence became a schedule of cleansing, cooking, receiving berated, acquiring expecting. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. 

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Right after my mother and father immigrated to Minnesota in 1956, my mother coped with all sorts of new issues like freezing winters, studying to discuss English, Velveeta cheese, Marvel bread, caring for six children, her monster-in-law and an abusive alcoholic spouse.